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Too simple

What this is all about is simple. So simple that our mind will not hear it.
We may hear it, but it will not be heard. Our mind will never understand this.

There is no such thing as an individual. There is only: Life

A body is being born. A brain begins to function. At some stage the belief is created that  there is an individual, a person separated from the rest of Life.

This feeling of separation from Life is the same as the constant feeling of not being at home. The feeling that there is something missing. The seeking for being whole again begins. The seeking for happiness begins. Happiness is the feeling when the individual is not there anymore. So in essence the individual seeks its own disappearance.

This happens temporarily in moments of ecstasy, sex, intense sport (running marathons, rock climbing etc.), a sudden shock but also silent moments like watching a mountain, watching the sea or even taking drugs like alcohol etc. All these activities may induce the absence of the individual. But they only have limited temporary effects and usually a higher dosage is needed with the risk of becoming addicted.

In the end, the belief in the individual can only vanish on its own during the lifespan of the physical body or it will vanish at physical death. No individual can make the belief in the individual disappear.

The simple truth is:

There is no one. There is no separate individual. No one is reading these words.
Words are being read.

There is only:
Life, Aliveness, Oneness.

This is what we are looking for.
Right now this is: It.



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2006 written by Tan