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Peace, paradise and freedom

This is all there is.

Reading these words, looking at this screen, hearing the sounds around you.
There is nothing more than this. Never will be. This is paradise. This is freedom.
This is peace.

Believing that there is more than this and seeking for "more" is the game of seeking for happiness. As long as we seek we will never find it. Because we are already there.
This is It.

Believing that this is not peace and always seeking for more is what creates suffering.
But even that is happening in peace and in harmony.

But the seeker will never understand this. Because the seeker is the very denial of seeing that what is happening right now, is the paradise he is looking for.

There are many who seek for paradise and happiness in money, relationships, career, power, religion, spiritual achievement and in as many goals as there are apparent individuals in this  world.

The simple truth is: paradise and peace can not be found. They were never lost.

This is paradise. This is beauty. This is all there is.




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2006 written by Tan