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The ending of seeking

-Liberation and its myths-

How to end seeking?

First of all it should be clear that one can not successfully seek the ending of seeking. The ending of seeking can happen but it can not be found by anyone.

Now what happens, when seeking for being whole, for enlightenment ends? 

Nothing happens. Nothing changes. Everything changes.

Nothing changes, because everything stays the same. Every little detail stays the same. But in another way everything is completely new and seen from a fresh different angle.

The angle of freedom.

The belief in separation -the belief in a separate individual- who is experiencing all of this and to whom all of these things are happening has vanished. The seeking for something else than what is happening right now has ended. And no seeking means no seeker.

Seeking is imprisonment. It is overlaying the astonishing and overwhelming beauty of every seemingly ordinary detail of Life. Things like waking up, showering, brushing your teeth, the clicking of the clock are pure beauty. Everything is beauty itself. Life is beauty itself.

Everything stays the same. Everything is the same. This beauty, this freedom is here all the time. It is happening all the time, but seeking for it, makes it inaccessible and creates the appearance of separation from it.

The seeker, the individual seems always isolated, separated and lonely. However that is the divine function of separation. Its function is abstraction and the creation of concepts of separate things. At some point of time as a little child the concept of separation is believed to be true and individual suffering begins.

The Blissful state

A common form of misconception is that liberation -the ending of seeking- would bring about a constant state of bliss without feelings like anger, fear, sadness or doubt.

But that is a total miscomprehension of the nature of liberation. In liberation nothing is excluded. Everything can and probably will happen. But it is no longer believed that it is happening to someone. Anger, fear or doubt are arising and disappearing. No one is getting angry or afraid. It is happening to no one.

The belief that this feeling –for example anger- is happening to a person seems to lengthen the state. “Someone” has become angry and usually therefore this individual defends his anger against the cause -usually another apparent person or thing-.

In liberation anger, fear, doubt, or sadness vanish more quickly than if taken personally. The feelings come and go and do not longer find a home in the believed person.

That is because the feelings do not belong to anybody. Actually they never have. But the belief of ownership is feeding energy into these feelings and prolonging their appearance.

The myth of a constantly smiling sage without feelings of anger, fear or doubt belongs in the category of wishful thinking

Nothing is excluded. No pain, no suffering, no fear is excluded.

Total freedom and liberation is all this, for no one.

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2006 written by Tan