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Moving in and out of Duality?

Is it possible to move in and out of Duality?

Is it possible to experience Oneness in a moment and later experience Duality and go back to being just a person in a dualistic world again?

This question has been raised to me a couple of times. Also I have been observing people stating that they sometimes are in Oneness and than later they loose their awareness or their presence of the Now and then they are back in Duality. Then it is also stated that by being more attentive or meditating more they seem to lengthen that experience. Of course this seems to require practice and discipline.

These “experiences” are based on misperception of the nature of oneness. If there is the experience of moving in and out of duality then there is still the belief or perception that there is a separate person who would be capable of moving in and out. Oneness is always. Oneness may appear as a person, as a wall, a chair, an angry thought or a feeling of joy, but it is all oneness. Oneness is all there is. The experience of moving in and out of duality is a sign that there is still a belief in separation left

Sometimes people who have had a seemingly significant awakening experience and have tasted the experience of “Oneness”, believe that there has been a cause that has created the effect of being in Oneness. They may go on and become gurus or teachers teaching people the method through which they themself can move into Oneness/Now (usually some form of meditation, self-inquiry etc.). If a well defined method is combined with good looks or a charming personality this may lead to a good amount of income from seekers for the "Liberated Person".

I can relate to that “experience” and to these “descriptions” since this was how it appeared to me as well. An awakening experience is usually a very blissful state, no person seems to be there, no personal motivation, no thinking goes on. It can take days, weeks or even months until this blissful state, this feeling of being one is slowly fading away. After this awakening experience which usually is such a radical change compared to the state of mind before and which is breaking down the walls of an “old life”, there is often still some shred of an individual left. It was so for me.

There is still a personal motivation left to own this experience and make it stable. Meditation methods are then tried out, hundreds of books are read, Satsangs are being attended, discussion forums are being participated in, a concept is being formed on how this could be achieved. All theses actions are happening with the hope of coming back to this blissful state and staying there forever  

All this “personal” effort however is putting only energy in to “personal” activity and into the belief in a doer who -through practice, effort and discipline- may achieve to get rid of himself.

If however it is finaly seen that this is totally futile, totally hopeless and if it is also seen that, that which tries to own oneness is oneness itself, it is finished.

All seeking by using a practice or by using the opposite of a no-practice falls away.

It is seen that all there is, is this. All there is, is Oneness. And it is seen that this was always the case. It was always so. The whole personal story is either forgotten completely or seen as a play of light of oneness.

In truth nothing happened.

Oneness played the game of believing to be an individual and then ended the game.

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2006 written by Tan