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On Teachings and Understanding

All of us are beyond any help.
Oneness does not need any help.
Nothing can be given, nothing can be received.

Why do we maintain a website or write about this, because ….?
There is nothing that can explain that really, except maybe
to say that there is joy in it.

There is no need to discard the „way of understanding" lightly.
There is also no need to blindly repeat or believe in what some are writing and to
pray blindly: "This is it, This is it."

The Search and its End
For many years I have searched for truth and the understanding of
the meaning of existence.

I have searched for it in a  professional career
I have searched for it in psychology
I have searched for it in quantum physics
I have searched for it in neurobiology and brain research
I have searched for it in western philosophy (Stoic –Seneca,Epiktet,Marc Aurel ..;Epicur; Plotin ..)
I have searched for it in eastern philosophy ( Taoism, Zen …)
I have searched for it in various practices (Rinzai Zen, Koans, Modern Meditation Practices …)
I have searched for it in teachings of J. Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
I have searched for it in modern teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Tony Parsons, Karl Renz
I have searched for it in various satsangs and meetings with many of these modern teachers

After some seemingly „spectacular" Satori or Enlightenment experiences the search even went more fiercely until nothing was left to understand.

Still seeking continued in books and satsangs and the feeling of not being whole of not being free still remained although everything was understood intellectually.

After some time: rewind fast forward …,

… seeking simply ended. Quietly. But with total certainty.

This is freedom now. Total Freedom.
Seeking for freedom was a game of imprisonment.

The funny thing that also become clear is, that Oneness never was imprisoned in the first place,
but actually able to believe in its own illusionary separation and imprisonment.

Teaching and Understanding
This ending of seeking happened not because of understanding,
but despite of any understanding that could have ever been reached.

There is no need to discard any teachings or understanding lightly.
It has its perfect purpose in this game. As everything has.

All teachings, writings, scientific or philosophical are descriptions.

Some clearer for some of us, some more confusing.
Nonetheless they are only descriptions which may lead to some understanding.
They can not lead further than description or understanding.

Truth is beyond understanding. And we will search for understanding the truth untill it will be realized that truth is beyond any understanding. This however will not happen through any understanding.

And that does not mean that after seeking ends we are beyond any learning
The opposite is the case.
It is clear how little I have ever known and will know and that every thing that happens is a teaching.

So a discussion with any one is a gift from oneness: a gift of teaching.

But please do not judge to harshly when I enjoy all this as a game and play of oneness
with no special meaning or any purpose than being exactly what it is:

A beautiful play of existence.



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2006 written by Tan