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Love a mispent word

The word Love has been used in so many different ways throughout the centuries.
How it is used here it is not only about loving someone, having sex or having a meaningful relationship. The Love mentioned in this is all of this and none of this in particluar.

Love is what makes this journey of Life enjoyable.
Love is Life.
Love is all there is.
Love is not only to a person, not only to what is happening right now, but it merely is:
Love, pure and simple.

This Love is what we are.
It is the mystery. The fountain that never dries.

Hopelessness without a personal story
With all gurus, all meditations, all understanding and all clarity "You" may realize what you are.

But if not Love is seen there, it is a dangerous and hopeless place.
A place without destiny, without meaning, without hope, without fears without the personal story of achieving, losing, becoming.

Without the personal story that has filled the void. It leaves only the void.

When it is first seen, the crack in the illusion of personal existence, the personal story of "Me" becomes hopeless and meaningless.
As I had realized that the personal role in the theatre of existence is merely a role without meaning and purpose, I had fallen into despair and depression

This was so until seeking ended and Love entered this.
Love as everything and nothing.

Love is Existence

Without purpose, without meaning, without hope.

Not some token of Love by hugging, kissing and telling everyone how beautiful and full of love they are.
Not Love to something, to  a person or to a living being or even to Being or Existence itself.
Love as Being
Love - silent - without words or emotions.

Love as pure as death.
Love. Death. Being. Death. Love. The endless cycle of It.

It is the secret that can not be described.


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2006 written by Tan